Sep 20, 2011

The ToroToro launch at the Grosvenor House, Tower Two!

As we approached the entrance, I knew it was going to be a good night:) The lighting, music, and ambiance set the stage for a festive Pan-Latin themed evening....
Good friends + Good food = Happy Saba!

This is probably one of the biggest events in Dubai this season.  It was timely, classy, and very busy!  There were around 500 people on the "exclusive" guest list, with lots of familiar faces and smiles throughout the crowd.

 Every detail was attended to by the marketing geniuses at the Grosvenor House.....Well done Florance!  The trapeze artists were a brilliant touch...I felt like I was at Carnival in Rio!
 The only food photos I was able to obtain were through the glass into the kitchen.  I was too busy eating and catching up with people to snap pics of the decadent and delicious trays of passed Hors D'oeuvre throughout the evening.  However, I did manage to catch Executive Sous of the Grosvenor House, Chef Tom Egerton in action....he's in the background of this photo, can you spot him?
 Meat Galore!
 Being delicately plated on the serving tray
The only thing that upsets me about this evening is that I didn't snap a photo with the Culinary Mastermind behind the concept of this Pan-Latin restaurant, Chef Richard Sandoval:( Oh well, next time! I'm sure he will be back in town......

Check out more info on Toro Toro at the Grosvenor House website:

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