Sep 17, 2011

Asado in The Palace Hotel, Argentinian Steak House number one......check back for more;)

The Empanada (a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries of Latin America and the south of Europe) selection was diverse including items ranging from chilli and corn,  spinach and cheese, spiced beef, and flavorful chicken all served with a fresh tomato salsa.

The Burrata (below) was nicely presented with foam and all, but  I'm not sure how much the foam enhanced the flavor of the dish. The berries were a cute touch also, and complimented the mildly seasoned cheese.  It was overall a good dish, but doesn't compare to the Burrata at Le Petite Maison, which is seasoned to perfection.  I am personally a fan of saltier'll see more on that next.....

The mixed seafood grill was an overwhelming amount of food, but I did a pretty good job at it.  It consisted of Tiger Prawns, Salmon Fillet, Scallops, and Calamari.....what more could you ask for!
On the other end of the table was this gorgeous grill filled with some very flavorful delicacies like veal sweetbreads (the thymus gland of veal or lamb) and this delicious fatty cut of steak (of which I'm blanking on the name)

This meal was also accompanied by a beautiful collection of salts from all over the world. Below is a list of what they had on offer at Asado.  Pretty cool concept....If you like salt!
  • The Palm Island Black Salt: It is obtained by craftsmen from Hawai. It is rich in minerals, black lava rocks are added to the seawater of the basins, That is why its colour is so black.
  • Murray River Salt: It is obtained from salt flakes introduced into the salty water from the basin of Murray River (in Australia) in the ponds of cristallisation. They, then, evaporate naturally. Crystals obtained have got a nice apricot colour.
  • Bolivian Mirror Salt: Thanks to its concentration in minerals, its surface looks like a mirror which reflects the light of the Bolivian sky.  It comes from the Bolivian "salty sea". That expanse of salt, relic of a dried lake, is situated at 3700 m of altitude
  • Halen Môn flakes Smoked Salt: To obtain this colour and this delicate smoked smell, flakes are placed on a fire with shavings of oak. The origins of this sea salt are collected in the Atlantic Ocean close to  Anglesey Island or Ynys Môn in Welsh.   
All of the above information plus more on these special salts can be found on:
After enjoying the salty meal, we had to have a sweet treat to cleanse the palate.  The Dulce De Leche (a thick, caramel-like milk-based sauce or spread) pancakes were the perfect end to the meal.

  The over all dining experience at Asado is top notch.  Situated at the opulent Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai, the ambiance is warm and inviting, and if you're lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of the Water Fountain show! There is another Argentinian steak house on the rise in Dubai, let's see how that compares to this fabulous experience.......

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