Sep 2, 2011

Social House Dubai Mall, Eat, Drink, and Socialize:)

This restaurant is situated in a strategic place in the Dubai Mall, over looking the fountain from one side with floor to ceiling windows and an exposed wood interior. And on the other a Demo Kitchen concept with shelves that line the walls, large wooden barrels of fruit and vegetables and an open seating area facing the center of the Mall.  The menu features items that span across the globe, from Pan-Asian cuisine to Rustic Italian and European fare.

We went for the Pan Asian side today with the beautifully assembled Dragon Roll

This is just a fresh squeezed pomegranate juice, but the color was so gorgeous, I had to capture it.  In addition to this refreshing drink they feature a wide array of juices, smoothies, and hot drinks.  I even saw a gingerbread latte on the menu...look out Starbucks!
 This is a seaweed and spinach salad with tofu in a carrot ginger dressing.  Healthy and delicious!
Social House is great for a casual meet up night or day, because the restaurant concept is so large, even on a busy night, you won't have to wait to long for a table, if at all.   It's also one of the only place in Dubai I have seen a traditional Vietnamese Pho (beef brisket and rice noodle soup in fragrant broth) on the menu.  I'm going to have to try that next time or should I go for the European fare??!!!

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