Sep 25, 2011

A Power House of Global Culinary Beauties

The Tavola Blogger Breakfast was held this past Saturday morning in Jumeirah and all the lovely ladies from the culinary scene were there.  In the picture below starting from the left are Suzanne Husseini, cook book author and Master of Modern Arabic cuisine, Ariana Bundy, cook book author, expert on alternative sweets and Modern Persian cuisine and me of course!
There were a variety of snacks served, compliments of Bateel.

 Raspberry Muffins
 Roasted Vegetable Bruschetta
 Cous Cous Salad
 In addition to the fabulous food there were a number of interesting topics being presented.  The First topic covered was the:
“The Use and Care of Kitchen Knives”

Second topic was:

 “MORITSUKE- Japanese plating presented By Wakami Saab, herself, the Tavola Retail Manager

 Last was my favorite, "How to style a plate" By Fiona Archibold, Food Stylist
None of this food was edible, but the beauty  behind food styling is to make it look scrumptious enough to eat!
 Oven Roasted Quail, look at the colors and textures in this dish....AMAZING!
 Beef Bourguignon, rich, meaty, and juicy
 Spinach Fettuccine with Grilled Prawns. Delicately layered pasta dripping with the creamy alfredo sauce.  Painted on with perfection!
I know I'm only showing you the end result, but the assembly of each dish was very interesting.  A  lot of work goes into food styling, I know from experience with the photo shoots I engaged in the past couple of weeks.  The food stylist claimed eating the food from a food photo shoot is taboo and considered bad luck.  OOPPPSSS....All of my food was edible, and every last bite was consumed!  These were on a completely different scale I guess.  What do you think?

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