Sep 12, 2011

I told you I would be back for dessert....Round 2 at Jones the Grocer!

If this doesn't say seasonal goodness, then I don't know what does! Back in New England, where I grew up, around this time of year would be the start to apple picking season, which is then followed by Pumpkin season....two of my favorite times of year! This apple tart was so seasonally appropriate, I thought it was the right choice....
The macaroons were colorful, Pistachio, Raspberry, and Vanilla.  They are nicely presented but they don't match up to my all time favorite Laduree.....
This is a classic Creme Brulee, it was the perfect balance of crispy burnt sugar and the cool and creamy custard below.  The serving size was also just right, enough for a single serving, but also possible to share.

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