Sep 14, 2011

Some behind the scenes shots from my Mojeh photo shoot today

I have been cooking for three days straight, and on my feet since 8 AM this morning, but it was so worth it seeing it all come together......
The very talented photographer captured the textures, colors, and lighting just right.

The state of my kitchen was pretty up is my least favorite thing to do!
 Every last inch of counter space and every single utensil was used.

I made everything from signature mocktails and starters to desserts and tea.

The mains weren't too shabby either! How does a star anise and orange braised  lamb shank sound?
I made sure to feed everyone, there was plenty of food to go around! Nobody complained about working those extra long hours today.....


  1. Nice! Looks like fun! Especially the cleaning afterwards! ;)
    Good luck with the book!

  2. Thanks Marta! It was lots of fun and lots of work....but totally worth it. How's the little one doing?

  3. He´s doing great¡¡he turned 2 months today

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