Mar 4, 2015

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls launch at Cafe ArtScience

I couldn't think of a better venue than Cafe ArtScience in the heart of Kendall Square for the launch of Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls!  Created by Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards using WikiPearl technology, these frozen spheres are a treat of the future. The science behind WikiPearl is to create a protective skin from natural food particles. The edible fruit coating  protects the inner frozen yogurt filling, making this an easily portable snack. Innovation at its finest, invented right here in Cambridge, MA.

Cafe ArtScience itself is also the brainchild of  Dr. David Edwards. Set in a futuristic space with a clean lines and modern laboratory aesthetic, this is a one of a kind venue in town.   

"Café ArtScience
A cafe for the sensorium
Conceived in Paris & Cambridge
Where Culinary Art, Science, & Design
Meet the sustainable future of food." 
Not only do they serve up some interesting dishes using state of the art technology, the cocktails and bar culture here is something to write home about.  Centrifuged purees, flavored ice, and smokers are commonly used to prepare the standard menu items here.  Despite the niche nature of this restaurant, they have developed a vast range of clientele, I also noticed there are some neighborhood locals making this their regular watering hole. 
We enjoyed a number of savory items throughout the course of the evening including this gorgeous chestnut ravioli with shaved truffle plus stuffed clams with a piquillo pepper coulis.  Upscale is an appropriate description for this restaurant, but everything we were served had a heart and soul.  The culinary team behind this operation have incorporated modern technology, but cannot be classified completely as a molecular gastronomy concept. I would say it's very tasty, technically executed food, plated to perfection.
 A great event all around, plus we received a generous tote with Frozen Yogurt Pearls to take home.  The three flavors currenlty available are strawberry/vanilla, coconut/chocolate, and peach/vanilla.  My two favorite pictured below are the peach and coconut combos.  The fruity jelly like outer coating gives these "pearls" a mochi like texture.  The inner frozen yogurt filling is lighter and airier making this a healthy sweet treat that can be enjoyed on the go! 
Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls are available at the Charles River Plaza and River Street Whole Foods market in Cambridge, MA.  Check out the website's below for more information on this fabulously innovative food product and restaurant!

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls


 Cafe ArtScience