Feb 24, 2013

Dinner at Cavalli Club and More!

There are some places in Dubai you put on the top of your list for great food, there are some that are purely glitz and glam, well wouldn't you know that Cavalli club at the Fairmont in Dubai serves up some interesting fare along side some entertainment that is unique to this landmark venue.  I have been living in Dubai for almost 2 1/2 years and had never had a meal at Cavalli Club, but on this particular evening, I didn't realize I came in for the ultimate dining experience!

Cavalli Club is know to be a unique venue, hosting some of the swankiest events in town.  On this particular evening as my guest and I sat down for our meal, were welcomed by an unexpected surprise! Cavalli Club just so happened to be hosting Dubai's Next Top Model Search (Male edition), and we had front row seats to the action.  What more could two single girls ask for!?   They even created a special menu for the night consisting of four different courses showing the best of the best they could offer for an event of this magnitude.
Cavalli Club has always ranked on the top of the list when it comes to night life in Dubai, and eating a meal in an environment such as this makes life a little more interesting.  Surrounded by the bling bling and animal print everything, it makes you wonder what goes on here late night.....
Our first course was the Pate di Vitello con crostino di pane toscana/Veal Tenderloin pate on Tuscan croutons.  Now Veal pate was a first for me, and I would have to say it's some what of an acquired taste.  Although the texture was exactly as a pate should be, I myself am not particularly fond of this delicacy.  It was a generous serving and well seasoned, the touch of bruschetta complimented the meat mixture and brought out some of the sweeter undertones.   
Next up was the Fagottino ai gamberoni con salsa al basilico/King prawn bundle with light basil sauce.  This dish was an unexpected explosion of flavors.  The bundle itself resembled a crepe, soft on the bottom and crispy on top.  The filling of succulent prawns, basil, and medley of crunchy vegetables made for a fantastic combination of flavors.  The basil sauce lining the bottom of the plate brought everything together, and I'm glad there was a lot of it, because I was ready to lick that plate clean.
Our last course was Filetto di sogliola farcito all'astice su letto di spinace/Lobster wrapped with Dover sole served with spinach reminded me of a galantine style of preparation.  The Dover sole was de-boned, stuffed with lobster, and poached in this cylindrical shape, most often found in French cuisine.  This dish was elegantly prepared using classic technique, but could have used a touch more seasoning as well as sauce to really brighten up the natural flavors of the quality seafood used in the preparation.
 Being part of the culinary media world can really be a treat sometimes, and after our first three courses we eagerly awaited our desserts, but apparently Zaib Shadani and I spoke too soon.  The organizer of the Dubai's Next Top Model Search is an acquaintance from the industry, and she approached me frantically, informing me the third judge canceled on them last minute. She asked me if I could stand in as a judge for this round, and I politely accepted.  Before we knew it we were swept onto the stage and admired the handsome young eye candy that walked past.  I guess you could say, we had our desserts after all!
The food and atmosphere made this one of the most exciting evenings I've had in a while.  I guess you never know what you're in for when you walk into Cavalli Club!  One things for sure, an evening at this venue will create memories that will last you a life time. For more information on Cavalli Club please check out the website:


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  1. nice share, i am definitely gonna try it for once. it looks amazing. lets see that this dinner competes with the dinner on Dhow Cruise Dubai or not.