Feb 27, 2013

All Day Breakfast at The Archive? Why Not!

"The Archive’s mission is to provide a platform to promote a diverse and active cultural community, nurture a new generation into literature and education while at the same time, create a space of exploration and entertainment."

The Archive is one of those unique spaces in Dubai that focuses more on the holistic side of living.  Surrounded by books focused on the Arab arts and literature, it provides a non-commercial space for people to enrich their mind, body and souls.  With a warm and inviting atmosphere and surrounded by greenery, no wonder we spent half the day there, we found no reason to leave!   
With it's picturesque location in the middle of Safa Park, this cultural/art forum  also serves up an all day breakfast menu.   I am a firm believe in quality over quantity, and you could say the same about this menu.  With just a few items ranging from omletes to french toast and even eggs benedict,  this staple brekkie menu  has developed a solid reputation in the F&B world.
 We were a group of four, and each decided to order some variation of eggs, however we couldn't resist the temptation of the French toast.  So in addition to our individual breakfast items, we opted for an order of this sweet treat to share as our happy ending.  Served with a fresh berry compote and Chantilly cream, heavenly was the only word that came to mind when we tucked into this popular dish. 
All of the dishes were served in a hearty portion size, and were aesthetically pleasing.  They used the freshest of ingredients and seasoned everything well to the point where each plate was wiped clean.  My eggs pictured below were covered in a rich hollandaise sauce along with the crunchy asparagus and sauteed spinach, the citrus undertones and creaminess of the yolk and sauce all melded beautifully together. 

To accompany any good breakfast item, you always need a string cup a joe, which they have also done creatively at The Archive.  Serving the steamed milk alongside a carafe of espresso, you get the perfect pour every time. Not only is attention paid to the fine details, but because of the unique presentation and excellent quality of the coffee, it's what makes a simple latte so memorable.
We enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of deliciousness and laughter at this all day breakfast joint.  A trip back soon is in the works, and well worth the venture to Safa park.  You can also check out the full events schedule on their website for more about happenings at this original venue. Please go to The Archive website for more: http://thearchivedubai.tumblr.com/about

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