Dec 6, 2011

Sonamu, a little taste of Korea in Dubai!

Deira has become one of my favorites areas to explore.  It's uncharted territory leave a lot of room for exploration and adventure!  This evening we were curious to try out the Korean restaurant at the new Asiana hotel.  This hotel just launched with a repertoire of authentic Asian restaurants representing the far corners of the East.  Other restaurants included are Japanese, Chinese, and a Thai/Vietnamese.  This hotel has become a destination for anyone looking for Asian cuisine, and now they even have a Kareoke Bar a necessary to maintain the authenticity to the culture. 
We began our meal with the traditional selection of Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made with a variety of spices/seasoning and fermented vegetables such as cabbage, radish, onions, and cucumbers.  
I enjoyed the delicious bibimbap a rice dish served in a hot stone pot topped with a raw or fried egg that sizzles and cooks in the bot with the rest of the vegetable and rice medley.  It is served with a chilli paste (gochujang) which is mixed into the bowl prior to eating.  This dish can be served hot or cold, but I prefer it as a hot meal, Korean comfort food!
The eel was my favorite part of the meal.  It was beautifully seasoned with the spicy gochujang and a sweet soy sauce topped with sesame seeds.  The tender eel meat was cooked well, and had a nice crispy texture on the outside due to the caramelized sauce, served with pickled ginger and mushrooms, the flavors all balanced well. 
The Asiana hotel is located on Salahuddin Street behind the Reef Mall.  It's a beautiful space and well worth the quick trip over.  Make a "stay-cation" out of the experience by spending the night and exploring everything the area has to offer! 


  1. Deira is one of my fav places too, and so good to hear about another Korean place popping up in the area. Love love LOVE bibimbap, so I'm gonna have to try this place. Do they have Korean BBQ at the tables as well?

    1. Yes, they have one section of bbq grill tables. One of my favorite bbq menu in sonamu is "One Whole Cow" It's just amazing ! you should try this one if you a big fan of Korean bbq.

  2. I heard there's a great Korean BBQ place in Deira, will have to get you the exact many hidden gems, and at reasonable prices!!!