Dec 10, 2011

Honyaki...Can it be...Good Sushi??!!

Last evening at the Dubai International Film Festival, as we left the screening of TerraFerma, a dramatic Italian/French film about a Sicilian family that deals with old world values and making some life changing decisions amongst the challenges of modernizing society and unexpected visitors, we realized we had worked up quite an appetite!  Torn about where to go (simply because I find most of the restaurants in the Madinat "Tourist Traps") Punam suggested Honyaki, the new Japanese joint.  I admit I was skeptical, but so hungry at that point, I was willing to give it a shot......and I'm so glad I did!

The Hand Roll was nicely presented with the right proportions of ingredients and the perfect dash of sesame!
 Salmon Tacos with Tobiko and a sweet soy reduction, a very flavorful morsel of goodness.  The taco shell is made out of crispy potatoes.  The delicate flavors are all nicely balanced in this perfect little bite. 
Tuna Toro with a Wasabi Ginger Yuzu Sauce and Crispy Leeks.  This dish was a special they were running that evening and really was a special treat! I hope I get to enjoy this dish again, perhaps even suggest it becomes a regular menu item!
Tuna Sashimi with Pickled Radish, Shiso and Sweet Plum Sauce.  This was an unusual one, the presentation was cute, but tricky to eat.  I enjoyed the combination but the pickled radish was overwhelming.  It could have been a slightly smaller and thinner piece, which would have made the "spoon" a little more enjoyable.
 Honyaki is situated in the Madinat Jumeirah over looking the amphitheater across from the Noodle House outdoor patio. It is a great option of you're looking for good quality light and healthy food in that area.  I'm happy to report that this will be added to the regular rotation of restaurants.  If you are looking for more information check out the website below: 


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