Dec 17, 2011

Adventures at Global Village!

From delicious ethnic food to beautiful textiles and jewelry, Global Village has it all.  From Turkish Delicacies like Kumpir to Lebanese Saj and some authentic Pakistani dishes as well....not only were my taste buds tantalized,  it was also a feast for the eyes!

Kumpir also know as a baked potato or jacket potato is common street food in Turkey.  With a variety of condiments and garnish you can even make a meal out of this hearty snack.   
 I couldn't resist the Baklava,  a deliciously sweet dessert consisting of layers upon layers of Phyllo dough and nuts glazed with a sugary syrup, how can you go wrong?  Baklava comes in many variations even some with chocolate!  All that aside, I'm partial to the Pistachio, the most traditional form.
At the UAE kiosk,  conservatively clad women prepare some of the most traditional Emirati cuisine. Below are the luqeymat, a deep fried ball of pancake batter that is rolled in sesame seed and then drizzled with date syrup.
This woman is making ragag, a traditional Emirati style flat bread.  It is commonly served with cheese, date syrup or eggs.   They were made on a hot plate, resembling a stone, which would have been used by the Bedoiuns. 
Next up.....PAKISTAN!!!!  It really felt nice to visit this stall the sights, sounds, and smells took me back to when I last visited the home-land (many many years ago).  I came across this Chaat stall, that was selling a snack known as Pani Puri.  The best way to eat one of these popular snacks is to puncture the top of the little round fried crisp and fill it with all the fixings, including water, tamarind, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion, and chickpeas, then eat it whole!  With all the heavy spices and flavoring, it's literally a party in your mouth! 
The beautiful array of colorful textiles, to the hand made leather goods.  There was so much on offer at the Pakistan stall, I didn't even know where to begin!  Seeing the overwhelming expression on my face, our tour guide was nice enough to treat us to these yummy dutch pancakes covered in Nutella!!! 
Next we paid a visit to the Dutch man who made those delicious little treats..... they really hit the spot! 
As you can see there were also some fluffy Waffles amongst the other goodies, I will have to save some room for those on my next round!
Lebanon is up next.....and as I walked into this especially active area, we were warmly greeted by the Lebanese "lebneh" guys.  This beautiful yogurt cheese is most commonly made of cows' milk in Lebanon, which is available all year; it is also made from goats' milk from April to September.  They showed us their 22 different types of lebnah including a pomegranate and pizza flavor!
 Lebanese Saj is another classic snack food item that can be enjoyed in sandwich form or with dips and spreads.  The dough is stretched until very thin and the baked on a convex metal griddle.  It has a great texture and unique taste that makes it so addicting.
Global Village is a fun weekend activity,  there is so much to see and do and it's a perfect way to spend some quality time with family and friends.  If you're looking for some trinkets and small gift ideas for a good price then make your way around to all the various countries and you will find something special that is sure to be appreciated.  For more information on Global Village check out the link below and for the full segment I filmed stay tuned on Dubai Events Calendar.

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