Oct 4, 2011

Mimi's Bumble Bee Baby Shower

This was a very special occasion for a very special lady.  Mariam and I have been friends for ten years now, having met one autumn day in the coffee shop at the University Student Center, who knew we would have made it this far! Moving to the UAE was actually facilitated by miss Mariam herself, and a year later, its been quite an interesting journey for all of us!

As many know, a baby shower is a celebration for the anxious arrival of the little bun's in the oven. In order to honor that we decided to share our own little buns with everyone.  Hidden inside one of these felt buns was a little charm, the lucky winner who found the charm, won a prize!
 The gift bags were filled with more edible goodies, such as Organic Honey Pots and Patchi chocolates. 
 The customized centerpieces and table runners were also a nice touch and brought a lot of color and warmth to the room.
 The food station was over flowing with everything from a Caprese to a Thai glass noodle salad plus an assortment hot items including grilled meats, lamb biryani, and mushroom ravioli
 No baby shower would be complete without the signature Diaper Cake!  Custom made to order for this special event, the diaper cake traveled all the way from the USA.  It's not edible, but it does add that special novel touch to the event.
The dessert display was another feast for the eyes and tummies! I can't even begin to explain everything on the table, but I will say that there was a warm apple crumble and mille-feuille amongst other sugary confections.
The Peach Creme Brulee
 The "icing on the cake" was literally the Icing on this cake!!!  Staying with the bumble bee them...this cake brought everything together, Courtesy of Le Pont Cafe, Abu Dhabi


  1. Wow Saba,
    what a great job you did! Classy as always! Love the colour scheme. And the Bee theme is adorable!


  2. sassy and classy just like you sabs! say hi to mariam and wish her all the luck with the new bundle of joy on the way!


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  4. The event was held at the Hilton in Abu Dhabi, they made all the desserts except the cake which came from Le Pont bakery. They were all delicious!

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