Oct 3, 2011

Abu Dhabi Culinary Adventures!

On Friday evening we explored one of the UAE's signature restaurants, Teatro at the Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi.  The place was buzzing! Their tag line is, "Where Eastern Cooking Meets Western Cuisine"  with a menu selection that ranges from brick oven pizza to Indian style curries to maki rolls and even dim sum, they stick to their promise and deliver a wide array of eclectic global cuisine, below are a couple of my favorites..... 

Miso Marinted Sea Bass with a crispy Tempura Potato Cake 

Compliments of the manager Geoffrey Boon, we enjoyed this "Baked Hawaiin" dessert.  It consisted of coconut ice cream and golden cake topped with baked meringue served with mango coulis and fresh berries.   With each bite, this scrumptious dessert transported me to a tropical island paradise, it was flavorful and sweet, but not too dense.  The perfect way to end the meal..... 

The following evening we explored another classic restaurant on Yas Island, the Blue Grill. A steak house that captures the classic old world feel, but with a touch of the modern.  For dinner we enjoyed the Peppercorn crusted Wagyu Tenderloin, which was tasty, but I have to say, it didn't taste as tender as the Wagyu Ive had in the past.  Nonetheless, it was a well cooked steak and was served with a Mushroom Tarragon sauce 

We also shared a Butternut squash risotto, which was actually a nice surprise. The risotto had the perfect balance of cream, not too starchy or rich, plus the texture from the Butternut Squash and Peas worked nicely with the Arborio rice. 

The weekend was a non-stop eating frenzy.....with more to come! These 2 restaurants were just a quick stop over.  The actual event this weekend was building up to is the BABY SHOWER of the century.....stay tuned for more on that! 


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  2. Thanks for the post Stephen! Glad you enjoyed it:) There is also a Teatro in Dubai, but I prefer the one in AD.