May 15, 2012

Tapeo, the Spanish Tapas Experience at Lafayette Gourmet

When I first received the invite for the launch of Tapeo, I admit, I had butterflies in my stomach.  The evening was described as the full on Spanish experience with Flamenco dancers, authentic cuisine, and a head chef  recruited from Alicante Spain, the home of Paella!

The dancers were completely clad with traditional attire as they swirled and twirled in the center of the dining room at Lafayette Gourmet.  The curious on lookers enjoyed the entertainment as much as the eclectic cuisine awaiting at the tapas counter in the shop.

 We were first greeted with a mix of starters including the Salmoreja a Cordoban style fresh tomato and garlic dip.  It was a velvety combination of tomato and spices along with a punch of garlic and herbs. Also amongst the mix were the tortilla de patatas and gambas al ajillo. 
 A Spanish night wouldn't be complete without a healthy serving of Paella! With several different combinations including vegetable, chicken, beef, seafood, and black rice, this paella made with calasparra rice, a short-grain rice indigenous to the mountains of Spanish, was cooked to just the right texture.  The rice was full of flavor and the chicken was tenderly perfect, this is one dish I will definitely be returning for.  

 Next up, the patatas brava picantes, these delicious morsels of tender potatoes lightly seasoned with paprika served with a light aioli were tasty and filling.  The potatoes could have been a little crispier, but the flavors were well balanced. 

 Spanish desserts are one area of gastronomy I am not completely diverse with.  The few sweets I know are the standard, flan, tres leches, and dulce de leche, and reminiscent of my Spanish classes in high school, the infamous churros con chocolate.

However, the dessert below, Torrija is one of the tastiest Spanish desserts I have ever head. It's  grilled creamy pudding with a touch of cinnamon much like a french toast or bread pudding, but a gorgeous texture of creamy. crispy, and crunchy.

Tapeo at Lafayette Gourmet is a wonderful addition to the already tasty mix of eats at this foodie destination. It's the perfect place to grab a snack or meal while hanging out in the mall or passing through downtown Dubai.  You can also pick up some of their packaged goods if you would like to prepare some of this delicious cuisine at home.

Lafayette Gourmet is located on the top level of Galeries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall.  Make sure you stop by to check it out!


  1. Great feedback!! We'll pass by for sure everything looks delicious!

  2. Spanish cuisine is underrepresented in the region, I'm glad there is finally a place to enjoy some of the authentic eats of this tasty cuisine. I have to go back for the churros and chocolate soon:)