May 30, 2012

Rossovivo, artisan pizza has arrived in Dubai!

Rossovivo is not your "typical" pizza joint.  It possess the best Italian characteristics in terms of style, decor, ambiance, and food, and it does so with a very cool and modern approach.  When I first met the owner, Stefano,  I thought to myself, "do we really need another pizza place in Dubai?", but his passion and knowledge of the product has proven that we do!  I introduce to you Dubai's BEST new authentic Neapolitan Pizza, Rossovivo.....
It really does stand apart from the rest in more ways than one.  For starters, the oven has been designed by an artisan pizza chef and the materials such as the bricks come straight from a small producer in Campania. All these fine details make a difference in the production of the pizza. 

Although the menu is simple, each ingredient is specially sourced to add to the quality of the product and you can taste the difference.  The Bresaola and Bufalina below are two of the key ingredients in some of the most popular items on the menu.   
 I went on Stefano's recommendation and tried the Bresaola Salad with Rocket, Parmesan, and light drizzle of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice,  Just a handful of ingredients, but packed full of flavor, this was one of the tastiest salads I've ever had.  It makes the greens easier to enjoy when they are smothered in such a colorful medley of delights.

 Now, it's PIZZA TIME!  I may have admitted it before, and I'm not shy to admit it again and again, but pizza is one of my absolute favorite things to eat.  I understand New York style pizza is very different than the Neapolitan style, but it's the ingredients, proportions, and texture that I can not live without.  I could probably eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life and not get bored of it, but my waist line would suffer the consequences.....enough about my obsession and onto the pizza.

Pictured below is a a close up of the Buffalina, the creamy Buffalo Mozzarella has melded into the tomato sauce demonstrating a harmonious blend of pizza perfection. The base which is made from a special Italian flour and leavened for 12 hours at room temperature is just the right combination of crunchy and chewy.  The slightly charred bits along the edge added a touch more flavor to the already tasty crust. 
The Raffaele made with Mozzarella, Cream, Pistachio, Bresaola, and Basil, is an award winning pizza made by the award winning Rossovivo pizza chef, Raffaele.  This is one of those flavor combinations you think about and crave, days, weeks, even months after you've tried it!  Just writing about it is making my mouth water......The smokey taste of the Bresaola paired with the pistachios and a touch of cream is a "party on a plate". 
I'm ecstatic at the thought of this new gem of an eatery located at Millennium tower in Business Bay.  Although a bulk of their business is delivery, I highly recommend enjoying it in the shop, straight out of the oven. I am looking forward to my next visit, but need to control my urges and cravings, otherwise you will find me perched at the counter night after night!

For more information please check out their website:


  1. Can I tell you just how well-timed this post is?! I'm going for a party to Rossovivo on Monday, and this has just helped narrow down my pizza choice! Thank you, incredibly informative post. Just what I needed!

  2. YAY! Envious of your Monday night excursion, I hope you like it as much as I do:) I will make my way down at some point this week too, Raffael(The pizza, not the chef;)) is calling my name....

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    1. HI Trish! Thanks for the tip.....I will check it out:)