Feb 28, 2012

The perfect meal at Rivington Grill

Simple and elegant are the two best words for a place such as the Rivington Grill.  It's a solid neighborhood restaurant which screams the comfort of home.  The decor, although simple, really creates a funky ambiance I have yet to find in any other place in Dubai.  Quintessentially British, this restaurant has become my favorite comfort food spot in town!  

Everything on the menu has been a hit so far, but here are some of my favorites: parsnip soup, fish and chips, and the Bannoffie pot.

One item on their menu that literally makes my mouth is the Beef Wellington, which I have yet to try...... it's next on the list just have to mentally prepare for the minimum 45 minute wait time.... 

This time around, I opted for quick comfort.  The parsnip soup pictured below was exactly the "comfort" I was looking for.  It was creamy, but not heavy, flavorful, but not overwhelming, and with the nut crumble, even offered some crunch! 

The Rivington Grill has a couple of staple dishes, and the fish and chips is one of them.  The generous serving of crispy cod fillet coated in the crunchy golden batter was everything one could ever want out of this traditional dish.  This is the epitome of deep fried deliciousness!!!
Last but not least....This was the dessert I had actually tasted for the first time the week before, and was the driving force for my return the following week.  A Bannoffee Pot filled with layers of cookie crumbles, toffee, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and topped with gorgeous caramelized slices of banana.  Just note the smooth and creamy texture of the chocolate nestled under the banana, YUM YUM YUM! This dessert is SUBLIME and worth breaking the diet for!
The Rivington Grill is on now my regular rotation of restaurants, not only because it's in my neighborhood, but it's quality food for a reasonable price.  They are in the process of opening a second branch in the Madinat Jumeirah soon.  This is great news and a great way to spread their love of solid British cuisine to the other side of town.  Looking forward to many more wonderful meals at this comfy neighborhood restaurant that always welcomes me warmly.

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