Feb 7, 2012

Lakeland Lately??

Lakeland launched a few months back in December 2011, but ever since it's debut in Dubai, I have been making regular visits to this one of  a kind shop located in MOE and Mirdiff City Center.  This store hosts an array of innovative appliances such as cupcake makers,  funky juicers and quirky kitchen gadgets.  Anytime anyone asks me where to find something, I point them in this direction....

I do have to acknowledge how cute the launch party was. The Soul Communications (previously known as Cherry on Top) PR girls did a great job of highlighting the tools that make this store an internationally recognized brand for kitchen supplies. 

The set-up below featured cupcake makers, egg poachers, toasting tools, and kitchen utensils.  It was a whimsical display of colors and crafts, enticing for anyone interested in tasting and trying to learn how to use these appliances. 
 The girls even got me into participating.  After the cupcakes were made in the adorable little electric cupcake maker (upper right image), there was a station set-up for icing and decorating. A lovely touch and a great way to understand the ease of using these special products.  In fact, I brought a friend down to Lakeland this past weekend who ended up buying the entire cupcake making kit as a cool gift idea for her niece who happens to be a budding pastry chef:)

 They even sell a disposable, but sweetly decorated cupcake stand, great for multiple uses, and easy to pack away.  In addition, they also carry a cupcake tree for more of a permanent display item,  aesthetically pretty and perfect for special occasions and celebrations!

I wish I had known about this store before.  I often times was in need of random kitchen items and accessories, that were no where to be found.  In fact around Thanksgiving time, I couldn't find a turkey baster anywhere in Dubai, low and behold, Lakeland carries them!  Unfortunately it was a week too late, but now I know for future reference. 

I also had a friend looking for roasting bags.  They are a great way to prepare a quick meal, without any of the mess or cleanup.  Lakeland also carries them in a full selection of sizes, for a variety of proteins from fish to poultry.

Last but not least, I brought a friend into the shop just yesterday, and she picked up the perfect little salad spinner.  That's a great item to have around the house, especially if you are trying to incorporate more veggies into your diet.  It keeps your greens clean, crisp, and fresh and will actually make the process of preparing   salads at home a lot more enjoyable. 

Lakeland currently has two location in Dubai.  One is at MOE, the other in Mirdiff City Center.  Check out there website for more information:



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