Jan 7, 2012

Stay, Oh please STAY!!!

I'm still dreaming about this fabulous meal.....One of the most elegant venues in the Dubai.  The One and Only The Palm Jumeirah is uniquely located on the tip of the last frond of the Palm.  You can reach it by ferry which departs from the Jetty Lounge or by driving through the Palm.  As we entered this gorgeous restaurant, we were warmly greeted by the Maitre De and Hostess.  They immediately walked us over to our strategically situated table facing in towards the restaurant with a full view of service and presentation. 

Amuse Bouche: 
Foie Gras, Potato Puree with Salmon Roe, Cheesey Chioux Pastry, Scallop with Mango Jellie

We were then presented with fresh Perigord Truffles which we basically had shaved on top of every course possible.
Foie Gras like I've never had before with a passion fruit Jellie, gold foil and crispy melba toast.  It was served with small slices of toasted brioche.  The perfect size for the perfect bite of this rich and velvety treat. 
 The Lobster tart was very light and was layered with an artichoke cream.  It was just enough and helped prepare me for the decadent main course I was about to indulge in....
For our middle course we enjoyed this Fergola Pasta with Spring Onions, Parmesan Cheese, Botarga and TRUFFLE.  There were diced bits of truffle in the pasta, and shaved truffle on top.
 For my main course, I ordered the Duck with a thick  layer of skin which was scored and seared to crispy perfection.  It was served with a sweet and sour radish sauce, crispy pommes pailles, and poached apricots. My friend enjoyed the grilled Wagyu Rib-eye from the custom menu, which was tender and juicy and cooked to a medium temperature.  We also tried a number of sides, all of which were flavorful and filling.  Included amongst the sides were green beans sauteed with butter and shallots, crispy oyster mushrooms, and truffled mashed potatoes on my side.  My friend ordered Gratin Dauphinois (with shaved truffles), creamy spinach and mushrooms, and steamed asparagus.  I think both of our meals combined covered every side on the menu!
 After our decadent meal, we were forced to try the delectable sweets found in the "dessert library", an interesting concept, and a first for me.  The desserts are actually prepared in the dining room in a section along the far left wall.  Against the wall is the "dessert library" with shelves and cabinets filled with pastries, sweets, chocolates, fruits, and cookies. They then gave us 3 options for our dessert order: 1/2 meter, meter, or a la carte.  We obviously had to opt for the meter so we could try each. 
 In additon to our meter of dessert we were also spoilt with some frozen deliciousness.  This is a violet ice cream.  Nothing like I've ever had before, and a very memorable item.  The texture was smooth, and the candied violets on top were sweet and floral.  We were also served a Yuzu sorbet, which was tart and tangy, but didn't compare to the flavors of this ice cream. 
My friend Reem and I posing for the camera after one of the most elaborate meals I've ever had.  I had to blog this photo simply because the dessert didn't look right with out us next to it.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight!
Much like the name of the restaurant, we did want to "stay" all night at Michelin Star Chef Yannick Alléno's restaurant.  The service was impeccable, the decor was imaginable, and the food was memorable.... 
Stay is located at The One and Only The Palm, Jumeirah.  It's a special occasion restaurant, so make sure you bring your appetite when you visit this fine establishment.  For more information or table bookings, contact the hotel via the link below, you won't be disappointed!!

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