Jan 20, 2012

Seafood Galore and More at Creekside Restaurant in the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers

 I had the pleasure of enjoying a feast at the Creekside restaurant in the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers this past week, and it was such a pleasant surprise! With fresh seafood on display in every form (crabs, lobsters, prawns, mussels, fillets and even whole fish) to live cooking stations and a dessert buffet that tastes as good as it looks (the cheesecake was my favorite), this is one restaurant you need to try!

The concept is Pan-Asian, but with a focus on seafood.  There is an assortment of sustainable fish and seafood on offer  that is cooked to order and grilled to perfection with a variety of sauces to suit anyone's personal preference.  The sushi station offers a delectable assortment of sashimi as well as maki rolls and nigiri.  The sushi chefs are trained craftsmen and are constantly at work making items to replenish this popular section of the restaurant.  

.The salads and cold starter station was also chock full of Pan-Asian treats from Thai Style Prawns to Crab Salad, it was difficult to pick a place to begin. My favorite item however was the house cured smoked salmon with capers and dill.  Not very Asian, but made well, buttery and flavorful, but not too powerful.
 On to my favorite section, the GRILL! With a selection of seafood such as this, how could you go wrong?!  From crab to lobster, salmon to sole everything was fresh to look and taste, but also prepared well.  The salmon was good with just a simple salt and lemon, but I enjoyed some of the items with the Thai chilli sauce suggested by our friendly waiter.  It especially enhanced the flavor of the lobster and prawns.
 There was so much to do and see at this restaurant, I can't forget to mention the live cooking stations as well.  There is a Tepanyaki station where the chef keeps you on your toes as he tosses knives and pepper mills into the air all while preparing you your delicious feast.  There is also a Wok section, where you are able to select ingredients of your choice and noodle (egg, glass, udon) and its prepared for you LIVE while you watch.  If you're very hungry while you're food is being prepared, right beside it is a also a fry station with a range of items such as prawn tempura, vegetable tempura and spring rolls.  You can nibble on those while you wait for your food..... 
 As I mentioned earlier, the dessert buffet is a colorful assortment of favorites from cheesecake to tiramisu and Creme Brulee to Opera Cake.

The Creekside restaurant is a fresh and healthy restaurant concept with a modern Pan-Asian flare.  The prices are reasonable for the quantity and quality of food you are getting.  The Sunday to Saturday Dinner Buffet  is priced at AED 175 without beverages and AED 225 Including house beverages. 

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  1. Hi Saba,

    First time to your blog and am lglad I discovered it! I was plannin a surprise party at the very same place for my husband, with a group of 15 and was hopin to hear some good reviews. Do you know if they have a good veg selection as well? In case you're interested in food, please visit my blog as well..it's relatively new but I'd love to have some thoughts from a professional perspective. They're mostly Indian recipes, specifically from Kerala, but I still hope you like them. take care!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Neetu! The Seafood feast was one to remember, but I think my favorite part of the meal was the grilled items. We were able to select the seafood of our choice which they quickly grilled up outside on the terrace (not sure what the set-up is like in the summer)which was served with some delicious sauces and accompaniments. I don't recall them having a vegg specific area, but they did have a live noodle and wok station where you can customize your order. I also checked out your blog! Sounds like you have a come a long way in a short period of time....well done!!!!

  3. Hi Saba,

    Thank you for your prompt reply and your lovely comments! I have planned the surprise for August 30th, which is pretty hot. They told me that sadly the terrace would be closed, considering it is the summer, irrespective, they promised me the best table in the house. Do you remember seeing any tables that overlooked the creek? Currently I am in Canada but will be travelling to Dubai next month. Once I get there, i will be goin there personally to book the table and chk out the place. Do keep dropping by the blog. Considering you have quite a few contacts, please do tell them as well about my website! Take care!!