Nov 11, 2011

The Table 9 Experience

As we prepared ourselves for the culinary experience of the year, we were greeted at the table by these cute little terra cotta pots filled with the most scrumptious layers of flavors and  textures consisting of a Cauliflower Puree, topped with "Dirt", a combination of coco powder, icing sugar,and dehydrated tomatoes.  Unlikely combination, but it was such a treat! And the presentation was just too adorable.....
All the dishes were tasty, but I will just post the highlights.  Below is a gorgeous combination of lobster and mango.

 Light and Airy Goat's Cheese with Star Anise Spiced Beets and Walnuts

 House Cured Bresola, with Whipped Artichoke Cream and Crispy Potatoes
 Chicken Foie Gras with Current Jam and Hazelnuts
 Seared Scallops on an Onion Puree, with Roasted Onions, and mini Onion Rings
 Sweet Breads on a Parsnip Puree with Parsnip Chips, Roasted Chestnuts and a Curry Foam
 House Made Butter and Bread.  I could have drank that butter it was so delicious!
 The very talented and meticulous Chef Scott Price!
 Showing off his Candy Cart (also all made from scratch) The attention to detail at this restaurant really sets it apart from all the other restaurants in Dubai.  They have also incorporated a lot of locally sourced elements such as the ceramics on the table, cutlery, and art work on the walls (supplied by Mojo Gallery)
 Last but not least dessert......a deconstructed Apple Pie!
 Lemon and Ginger Slice, clean and perfect
 Chocolate and Hazelnut tart...heavenly
 And as if that wasn't enough sugar, we were also served these rich and creamy coco dusted chocolate bon bons to top it all off with our complimentary candy bags
Hats off to Chef Scott Price and Chef Nick Alvis for a unique gastronomical experience.  Trained under one of the best these two culinary talents have joined forces to create their own powerful entity.  I wish them all the best and look forward to many years of success with the addition of Table 9 to the roster of Dubai's BEST restaurants!


  1. Thanks for a great article. Just to let you know that the pottery and ceramics pieces are designed by Homa Vafai-Farley of the Abu Dhabi Pottery. Who has been living and working in the UAE for over 20 years. She currently lives in Dubai and is teaching the art of pottery both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Her work has been exhibited in many countries and she has a permanent display at the pottery and ceramics museum in Tehran Iran.

  2. Thanks for the post! The pottery and ceramics are beautiful and such a nice touch to the restaurant. Homa is a talented woman and its great to see her work recognized locally and globally.

  3. i can´t wait to try it out!! Those dishes look mouthwatering;)