Jul 29, 2014

The Good Ones Boston: Grecian Roof Top Celebration

This past week I had the pleasure to attend a fabulous event, a third in the series of Top Secret Top Chef battles, host by the talented team behind The Good Ones, Boston.  The event boasted passionate culinary enthusiasts and seasoned industry professionals at a roof top penthouse in the Seaport area. The theme for the evening was a modern interpretation of Greek Gods and Goddesses, which was enjoyably displayed by all the attendees. 


Among the talent for the evening was super mixologist Tenzin Conechok Samdo from Trade restaurant who prepared specialty libations exclusively for this event.  The unique drink menu consisted of concoctions such as Titan's Punch, Gaia Punch, Aphrodite DTO which all incorporated Crop Organic Vodka!  Motto sparkling matcha tea, much to everyone's liking was also used in the first of it's kind cocktail, the Olympian Collins.  Other beverage sponsors included Cisco Beer, Naragansett Beer, Hint Water and Zoos Greek Iced Tea.   

And as the sunset over the beautiful Boston skyline, the competing chefs prepared the Greek inspired feast for the evening.  The colorful culinary cast of characters included three teams of the area's best chefs: Brendan Burke and Tico Huyn of Bastille Kitchen, Jonathan Moriera of Post 390, and Brendan Smith of Uni Sashimi Bar. 

                      Brendan Burke                          Jonathan Moriera                     Brendan Smith

 Food and drink was celebrated throughout the evening by the guests and hosts.  In addition to the gorgeous seasonally inspired menu being prepared by the three fantastic teams,  nibbles were available throughout the roof top venue. With a focus on healthy eating and an organic lifestyle, Krave Jerky and Organic Living Super Foods supplied a variety of delicious snacks.

Krave Jerky is gluten, nitrate, MSG, and corn syrup free, making it the healthier jerky! Made in sunny California, these all natural meat snacks take things to the next level with the hand sliced cuts marinaded for 48 hours then baked for a tender jerky unlike any other. The extensive variety of jerky includes: pork, turkey, and beef, a couple of my favorites were the Sweet Chipotle and Chili Lime Beef Jerky,  moist and packed full of flavor.

"Health is essential for happiness" this is the philosophy Organic Living Super Foods lives by and I couldn't agree more.  Their range of  organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free, living superfoods is impressive! Locally made by the passionate hands on owner, these products were created on the premise that allowed superfoods into ones diet to naturally aid in curing and preventing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, depression, inflammatory diseases. It really is as simple as that, take care of your body, and it will take care of you! The organic coconut fig superfood energy squares and raw organic sprouted pomegranate pistachios & almonds were some of my top picks from the uber healthy selection.


The evening was eventful all around and as the crowd began to stir, the appetites began to grow. The smells, sights, and sounds from the kitchen excited the guests as the anxiously waited in anticipation for the food to come.  The chefs were meticulously in the zone as they prepped and cooked all the wonderfully fresh produce, seafood, and cheese supplied by The Bees Knees and Mozzarella House, and Cape Ann Fresh Catch a culinary trifecta.  

The first course of the evening was served by Chef Jonathan Moriera of Post 390.  He started off the night with a Scarmoza wrapped with grilled zucchini ribbons served with balsamic marinated strawberries, an eggplant puree, and pistou (pictured left) and completed his set with this oven roasted haddock topped with an olive caponata (pictured right).  Both dishes were prepared well and set the bar high for the remaining two competitors of the evening.   

Chef Brendan Smith of Uni Sashimi Bar was up next. He took advantage of the gorgeous seasonal stone fruit and paired the grilled peaches with a delectably creamy Burrata and a squid ink reduction (pictured below).

His second dish tapped into his culinary seafood skills as he prepared a skillet fried monkfish with oven roasted salsify paired with grilled zucchini and a hazelnut crumble.  An interesting approach in execution and distinct flavors inspired by the modern Japanese cuisine he prepares at his respective restaurant.

Last up was the reigning champ from the previous battle, Brendan Burke and his sous chef Tico Huyn of Bastille Kitchen. Also known as the silent chef, when Brendan is in the kitchen he is focused and driven.   His culinary vision can be seen on the plate when he delivers gorgeous food balancing subtlety of flavors in a memorable way. His first dish (pictured below) is the Grilled Japanese eggplant stuffed with stracciatella cheese, dill and lemon. zucchini and sunflower seed pesto, fennel and pickled cauliflower salad.
His second dish and one of my favorites of the evening was the Striped bass crudo, olive oil, tarragon. apricot creme fraiche, grilled peach and cucumber relish (pictured below).

 The Good Ones were the perfect hosts for the evening and not only threw a fabulous party, but allowed each competitor to shine in their own light.  The guests had no complaints as the evening went from great to greater as they noshed and drank all the original event inspired food and drink. The results of this battle are yet to come.....we look forward in anticipation to hear about the winner and the next exciting culinary event!


  1. Nice something is different and we will try this .. also Chuck E. Cheese which is opening at Oud Metha road in Dubai.I am really excited about that restuarants….

  2. It seem interesting that you got opportunity to attend this wonderful event. I am also fan of such cooking events. Recently I took part in a cooking contest at local event venues in Chicago and had a great experience participating there.

  3. Oh! look like this culinary in Japan, or Vietnam and China. But they eat this with "sake", don't like our, use Crop Organic Vodka