Jan 15, 2013

Park Hyatt Boasts "Bistronomic" French at Traiteur

Bistronomic is an original term that offers a modern-day take on traditional French favorites with all of the charm of a classic bistro, and Park Hyatt knows no better way than to do that in the most elegant of settings.  Walking into this restaurant, my senses were immediately heightened.  We were able to peak into the pristine kitchen at Traiteur and watched as the chefs meticulously prepared the evenings meal.  Park Hyatt has always been one of my favorite hotel destinations in Dubai because of it's location and serene ambiance.  Now that I have dined at this French friendly outlet, it's safe to say Park Hyatt remains in the highest of hotel ranks.     

The very friendly Chef Simon Wipf came over and greeted us as we made ourselves comfortable in front of the open kitchen.  The beautifully designed restaurant made it difficult for us to find the "perfect" place to sit, as they were all great choices. We opted for the table with the best view of the chefs hard at work.  Chef Simon and I chatted for a bit about cuisine in the region, which made me really understand his passion, and I knew that if he was able to speak in such detail about the gastronomic culture here and abroad, he was going to deliver something with just as much passion on the plate.

To begin we enjoyed a selection of starters, Chef Simon had recommended a few House Specialties. Pictured below are the Pan Seared Scallops with Crab Meat Tortellini and Sunchoke Puree, the presentation alone was breathtaking and after taking the first bite, I wished I had ordered one all for myself so I wouldn't have to share it.  It was delicate and flavorful, and the perfect teaser before we indulged in the rest of the dinner courses.  Everything came together in perfect harmony, and at the end I realized, it was better to just enjoy the little taster, and save myself for the rest of the delectable meal.
Next up was the Terrine of Foie Gras served with a pear and elderflower chutney and of course toasted Brioche (is there any other way to enjoy Foie Gras!) Chef Simon shared some of the technique he used in the preparation of this rich and decadent dish.  As you can see pictured below the distinct layers of the rich liver pate which glazed with a red wine reduction for an enhanced flavor and visual appeal .
Now, this next course Chef Simon insisted we try, Butter Poached Lobster with Minestrone Vegetables and Fresh Tarragon, how could anyone say No!  The salty minestrone broth was the perfect compliment to the  juicy pieces of lobster.  The tendrils of tarragon delicately placed on top added that extra aromatic touch of love that brought out the natural sweetness of the succulent shellfish.
After eating our way through the first couple of courses, I have to admit, I wasn't as full as I thought I would be.  Chef Simon was very strategic when he recommended certain menu items to us.  He wanted us to have the full on "Bistronomic" experience, and therefor made sure whatever we ate prepared us for the Grand Finale!  This hearty roasted lamb rack with coco bean ragout and grape mustard was the pinnacle of this dinner.  A perfectly cooked piece of meat nestled on the buttery beans was a the perfect meal. The ratio of fat to meat in this lamb was balanced enough to impart a lot of flavor but it was not overwhelmingly heavy either.  The lamb was cooked to a medium temperature and had just enough char on the edges to round out the dish.
Accompanying this fabulous lamb dish were these crunchy Duck Fat Fries.  I jokingly told Chef Simon that heaven to me would be to swim in vat of duck fat, and he agreed that it is one of those items that proper foodies are just fanatic about.  As a food connoisseur and industry professional, there are not enough menus featuring the use of this decadent ingredient. It's probably better for my health, because they are simply irresistible.
After indulging in some of Chef Simon's best, dessert was a no brainer.  Although the menu consisted of some classic french items such as Crepe Suzette and Raspberry Macaron, we opted for the modern approach to french dessert with a twist and ordered the Lavandar Creme Brulee with Cassis Sorbet and Pistachio Biscotti. The fusion of ingredients in this perfectly executed Creme Brulee was too good to be true!  The silky smooth texture of the custard just touched with the floral scent of lavender underneath the crunchy bruleed sugar was the perfect way to end the meal.  Infact I don't think it even needs the sorbet or pistachip biscotti at all.  The Creme Brulee on it's own was heavenly!

If you haven't ventured over to Park Hyatt Dubai or have been contemplating visiting Traiteur, please DON'T wait any longer.  An experience like this is one of a kind in Dubai as there are too many pretentious French places in the city, but none that really consider the guests overall experience which includes price and ambiance.  Traiteur has it all! With gorgeous views of the creek, a beautifully designed interior, and food that is worth every Dirham.


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