Nov 29, 2012

A Quick Trip Home, but a Feast to Remember

My family has a reputation for not only being food aficionados, but also for preparing some of the tastiest meals in town.  With highly developed palettes and a passion for the culinary arts, cooking isn't just a past time, it's a right of passage.  My recent trip back home proved that again, when my sister stepped up to the plate.  She had never really expressed any interest in anything food related other than eating it, however over the past couple of years, with a big sister like me who is making a career out of food, she finally gave in. 

Sara decided it was time to embrace her natural talents and prepared a feast for the family.  On the menu were crab cakes with a spicy aioli, an herb crusted rack of lamb with a mint pesto, and Parmesan peas with caramelized onions.  Impressive menu, and even more so the confidence to pull it off with out any prior culinary training. 
 My adorable niece presenting her mom's dish.  We are starting them off young these days, with routine lessons on food, flavoring, textures, and ingredients.  Leila seems to be picking things up pretty quickly.  She's already got the developed palatte and is willing to try anything new.  Not too many 6 year olds I know that are as adveturous as she is when it comes to food tasting. 
 Slicing up the rack of lamb cooked to a medium perfection, it seemd to come with such ease.  She's really getting into it, and blew us all away with her time management skills as well as her attention to detail. I am proud that Sara, along with every other member of my family is as enthusiastic as I am about the culinary arts.  We share this passion and skill as a family and enjoy any festive occassion revolving around food.   
 Plating up and the final dish.  This was deifnitly a feast we all whole heartedly enjoyed, and will be remembered forever.  Thanks Sara for your hard work and effort in preparing such a fantastic meal.  Those rich and hearty flavors along side excellent quality of ingredients can be compared to any restaurant meal.  I'm looking forward to my next visit home, and for another gastronomical experience shared by my family and loved ones. 

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