Oct 7, 2012

Best Of BiCE Brunch

The infamous BiCE restaurant in the Hilton, JBR Dubai is known for it's authentic Italian style hospitality and even more so, it's traditional Italian fare with a modern touch.  BiCE has recently introduced their Campari themed brunch every Friday, with a range of Campari cocktails and hearty feast of delicacies done the true Italian way.
The concept is to share a medley of starters and then to select one of the 3 main courses (also to share per every 2 ppl) to celebrate the family style festive meal.  I have listed some of my favorites below, but to really understand the entire gamet, you must indulge at the BiCE campari brunch, it's a right of passage in Dubai.     

As I mentioned, BiCE is known for their hospitality, and they really do spoil their guests with an overwhelming selection of starters ranging from the "BiCE Style" carpaccio below drizzled with their special Venetian sauce, this dish never seems to dissapoint at any meal. 

This colorful pile of fried goodes consisted of everything from Calamri to shrimp as well as Zuchini all served with a spicy tomato sauce.  Now I am a firm believer that anything fried is always tasty, and this dish proved that very point.  The only down side to fried food, is that it can be very filling, but the batter and variety of items in this dish was the perfect balance that allowed us to enjoy, but didn't keep us from indulging in other tasty treats at the table.
Another traditional dish, anyone can recognize at this point is the Caprese salad.  A staple at any Italian eatery, you can do no wrong with the creamy buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and the sweet basil on top with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and pesto sauce, this is one of those items you expect on any Italian menu, and one can revel in it's simplicity.
Next up is the pasta course, we were given a selection of three, but the 2 below really stood out.  Since I am a sucker for anything with Truffle, the ravioli to the left checked the box there.  A Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli with a creamy truffle sauce and topped with truffle shavings....rich and hearty, one or two pieces is sufficient if you want to save room for your mains.  The dish to the right is the Paccheri shellfish in a simple oil, garlic, and peperoncino sauce.  It really is the simplest food that stands out sometimes, but to make simple food taste good, good quality ingredients must me used.  The tender fresh pasta combined with the seafood were the exact flavors I look for in a simple pasta dish. 
Now, if that wasn't enough food already, we still had the mains to go.....

Amongst the selections were the beautiful Salt Crusted Sea Bass (pictured below), a Mixed Grill Platter consisting of meat, and another consisting of seafood.  My table went all out for the two seafood choices, and I'm glad we did! Seafood is always the lighter way to go, and after already having such a hearty selection of starters and pasta, it was better, since we wanted to save room for dessert:)
No meal can be complete without a dessert in Dubai (whether you are on a diet or not) The BiCE desserts have alwasy been something to look forward to, and this time was no different.  They offered the quintessential Tiramisu (which was gibbled up before I could take a picture), the Panna Cotta with Raspberrie sauce and of course the Chocolate Souffle.

The Panna Cotta, silky and smooth was sweet and creamy, as a panna cotta should be.  Veyr few places can actually get the recipe correct.  It takes just the right ratio of gelatin to cream and the picture you see here is the accurate result of that.
The chocolate souffle, although common on many menus, is a fail safe item.  There will always be a request for this no matter where you dine out.

Overall the BiCE brunch was a delicious day!  Make sure you visit with a group of foodie friends that like to eat.  That really is the best way to take advantage of all the gourmet delicacies that await at this pictureque restaurant in one of the most desirable locations in town!

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